Movie Film-to-Video Transfer of 8mm, Super 8, 16mm Silent & Sound Films, Professional Preservation and Duplication Services in Western Wisconsin

Thomas Video Studio professionally preserves and duplicates old home movie films of Regular 8mm from the 1930s to the 1970s, Super 8 silent or sound films from the 1960s to the 1990s, 16mm silent home movies from the 1920s to 1990s, as well 16mm commercial and institutional sound films, old and new.

Thomas Video Studio is one of only a handful of professional home movie film experts in the upper midwest. On average, our studio duplicates about 3,000 to 5,000 feet of film per week, or about one quarter million feet of film annually!
We have been working with film for over 30 years and have been a pioneer in developing optical-to-digital technologies for professional film-to-video systems, not only for our own studio’s work, but for our fellow film duplicators throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our film image quality is second to none in our industry!

Here's how we are uniquely different from film outfits, big or small on the web in offering our customers better customer service, much safer care and handling of heirloom films, simpler and more sensibly organized film reel arrangement onto DVD, and the very best professional picture quality available:

  • Thomas Video Studio's owner and film specialist, Tom Koziol, works with each customer and their films PERSONALLY! We eliminate the risk and dissatisfaction of doing business with a giant film lab with too many employees and no time for quality, or a home-based business doing substandard work with consumer equipment. Tom’s 30 years in professional film preservation offers you the most knowledgeable, experienced and personal customer service found just about anywhere!
  • We take great care with your film reels, film boxes and personal notes and will return everything back to you in the same, or better, condition. We will safely air-clean the films, replace broken splices and repair any damaged film at no additional charge! UNLIKE the giant film labs, we will not needlessly splice your movies onto 400 foot reels nor throw your old reels and boxes away! This is a very unnecessary step imposed on their customers to make their job seem easier.
  • Every reel of your film collection is individually duplicated and numbered in the order of your wishes, with a four second “Reel Marker” numbered page appearing before each reel to help identify each reel and to have individual chapter access to each individual reel. A companion “Movie Reel Contents Form” will be supplied with your new DVD to help you document subject matter, dates and locations.
  • Every inch of film will be monitored and enhanced for best possible picture quality. We can improve film speed issues, brighten light levels and contrasts, improve poor color issues and edit out any blank film segments. We do not duplicate the film "as is" or charge extra for our film improvements! It’s all part of our professional service!
  • Your new DVD will have a “Movie Reel Menu” that is simple and makes sense! What good is an arbitrary, cookie cutter template scene menu that limits you to clicking every five minutes into a DVD, regardless of where the reels begin or end? That’s what you get with “so called” film labs; no time for quality or customization. Thomas Video Studio’s “Movie Reel Menu” has two easy buttons; one to play the whole DVD and one to display the individual movie reel choices. Every movie reel is individually selectable with a big snapshot of the first frame of that film to help show you what’s on that reel. Again, no extra charge! It’s part of our professional service!
  • A “Film Condition” report is included with our professional work to let you know about film scenes that were originally shot with incorrect film types, camera settings, or lighting issues, and outlines our improvements of those areas of film. We will also supply our professional assessment of the aging and overall health of your films, and will offer tips for long term storage of your returned film reels.
  • Reasonable turnaround time. We can usually complete and return a film-to-DVD order within 7 to 10 business days. November and December is the busiest and may take longer due to the holiday gift season. Rush service is available.

Our Film-to-Video Prices:

  • 8mm and Super 8, Color or Black & White, Silent Film: .25 cents per foot
  • Super 8 SyncroSound Films: .27 cents per foot
  • 16mm Color or Black & White, Silent or Optical Sound Film: .26 cents per foot
  • Music added to movies: We supply soft instrumental background music, $15 per hour of video running time. -or- Specific editing of customer supplied music, to match individual reels, $95 per work hour.
  • Recording storytelling narratives and adding to movies, with soft background music supplied by our studio: $95 per hour, live recording and editing.

    The Master Original DVD(s) are included. Additional DVD copy(s) are strongly suggested, 15.95 per DVD disc. DVDs come in full sleeve albums and are professionally and personally printed with family information, disc printing included. Film orders less than 400 feet of film will have a 19.95 charge for the master DVD.

  • Other Digital Mastering Options, for ultimate, uncompressed digital quality; We can create a digital master of your films onto the following media:

    Digital videotape, DVD or Blu-ray discs, Video data files; .avi, DV, MPEG-4, H.264/HD. MOV, or any other video file you need. Your video image files can be transferred to DVD data discs, USB Flash Drives of USB External Portable Hard Drives. Please call or email us for more information and prices for computer based media.

Film Reel Sizes & Running Times:

  • All 8mm/Super 8 films were originally developed onto 3 inch diameter, 50 foot reels, approximately 3 to 3.5 minutes run time per 50 feet of film.

    Larger Diameter Reels sizes:

    • 4 inches = 100 feet = 6 to 8 minutes,
    • 5 inches = 200 feet = 12 to 14 minutes,
    • 6 inches = 300 feet = 18 to 21 minutes,
    • 7 inches = 400 feet = 24 to 28 minutes
  • 16mm home movie and commercial films have a wide range of reel sizes; from 3 inch, 50 foot diameter to the 14 inch, 1,600 foot diameter. 16mm silent home movies run time is approximately 2 minutes per 50 feet of film, while commercial 16mm optical sound film runs approximately 1.5 minutes per 50 feet of film.
  • The Standard DVD disc holds 2 hours of best quality film-to-video.
    8mm/Super 8: 32 to 36, regular 50 foot reels or 1,600’ to 1,800’ will fit onto one DVD.
    16mm silent home movies: Approximately 2,500’ to 3,000’ will fit onto one DVD.
    16mm optical sound movies: Approximately 4,500’ to 5,000’ will fit onto one DVD.

Studio Business Hours - Local Customers:

Please see our "contact us" page for our phone number and email, studio business hours and directions to our studio.

Out of Town and Web Customer Shipping Information:

We bring the convenience of our professional film preservation-to-DVD services right to your home. PLEASE PHONE OR EMAIL OUR STUDIO FIRST before sending your films to us! As film preservation specialists, we want to give you some help on how to carefully box and ship your movie film reels to us so that they arrive safe and sound.

When they arrive, we will immediately call you to acknowledge our receipt of your box, and will inspect your reels, estimate the running time and the price, and will have that information for you for your approval before we begin your film order.

Upon timely completion of your movies duplicated to DVD, we will phone you to let you know they are ready and will have the invoice total with shipping charge. We will ask for a Visa or MasterCard for payment at that time.