Audio Services For Business and Family, Old Records and Tape Recordings Preserved onto CD

Professional Duplication of Old Audio onto CD:

Thomas Video Studio professionally preserves, enhances and duplicates all older audio recording formats onto standard audio CD:

  • Records: 33, 45, 78 RPM
  • Cassette Tapes: regular size and micro-cassettes
  • Reel-to-Reel Audio Tapes: 3, 5, 7, 10.5 inch diameter sizes, two or four track, 1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2 IPS tape speeds, mono/stereo
  • 8 Track Tapes: (This short lived format is of exceptionally poor performance and fidelity, and is usually not worth duplicating unless the tapes are original personal recordings made with a home 8-Track recorder. Customer would need to supply a working 8 Track player with the tapes).

Audio-to-CD Services and Prices:

Standard Audio CD holds 1 hour, 18 minutes maximum capacity. Recordings running longer than this time would need two or more CDs to duplicate. We will apply DOLBY noise reduction to reduce "tape hiss" or light record scratches, and will improve sound levels to the best they can be in preserving your audio recordings onto audio CDs. Shorter length recordings can be combined to fill a CD at no additional charge.

Our CDs are recorded onto professional grade CD media and are personally printed and packaged in vinyl boxes with information supplied about the recordings.

  • All tape formats: $24.95 per master CD. Each tape side will be a CD Track.
  • All Records: $29.95 per master CD. Each album side will be a CD Track -or- 39.95 per master for matching album cuts to individual CD tracks.
  • Additional CD copies: $10 each. Discounts for 12 or more. Please call our studio for lower cost packaging and printing options.
  • CD disc duplication for your CD master disc, small or large quantities: Please call our studio for market price and for packaging and printing options. We offer competitive prices and will match any advertised price!

Audio Recording and Editing Services:

  • In-studio or on-location audio recording for narratives, voiceovers, seminars, meetings and musical/vocal performances. (Standard travel charges beyond 30 miles traveled.)
  • Audio editing of any format, analog or digital, tape or disc, for business or personal needs.
  • $95 per hour, master CD(s) included.