Photographs and Slides, Professional Preservation and Duplication to DVD in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Photos-to-CD/DVD for your archival computer use and photo reprinting:

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Thomas Video Studio can can create a high resolution photo CD, DVD or transfer to a USB device of your valuable photographs or negatives of any format. We commonly create a 600 dpi TIFF or JPEG (.jpg) file of each photo and will apply standard color and contrast improvements. We will ask you to number the photos and to tell us about your cropping preferences.

Our Photo CD/DVD can be used on any PC or Mac to view or perform further photographic work with these professionally scanned images, or you can simply take the disc to your usual photo finishing store to have reprints made.

Photos-to-DVD, as a Creative Musical Photomontage Video Presentation:

For over 30 years, Thomas Video Studio has created hundreds of award winning video presentations made from non-copyrighted family photos of all sizes, from tiny 1.5 inch school photos up to 8 x 10’s. All shapes, sizes and ages of photos will be cropped to fit your HDTV television screen, 16:9 widescreen mode.

Our photomontage DVD videos provide our family customers with very special and memorable presentations for Weddings, Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Retirements, Family Reunions and School Sports or Performances Highlights. These presentations can also include selected video clips from family collections.

Your choice of music and songs can be supplied to us in any form you wish; CDs, MP3, cassettes and even old records. Please stop by our studio to pick up a free copy of our helpful planning information and to see samples of our work. We will give you all the information you need to organize your photos, music and title pages into a warm and wonderful video keepsake. We will set up a second visit to carefully go over all your materials to make certain of your wishes.

Memorial Tribute Videos for Family & Friends - Visitation & Funerals:

Our memorial DVD tribute video is a comforting, “celebration of life” photomontage made from pictures of your loved one from birth through most recent. The music you choose can be soft and reflective, or can be favorite selections that your loved one enjoyed. An average range of photos to use would be from 50 to 150 photos, or about 5 to 15 minutes viewing time. We will create a special “auto-play, continuous play”, self repeating DVD for use at the visitation night. We can usually produce a memorial DVD video within 24 hours, next day service. Multiple DVD copies can be ready at the same time. See our photomontage prices below.

Slides, Stereo Slides, Glass Slides, Filmstrips and other Transparencies:

Thomas Video Studio duplicates any and all sizes of slides and negatives to digital media, with your choice of creating an archival photo CD/DVD or USB device for your computer use as .jpg or Tiff files, or as a slide show presentation on DVD video, along with background music and helpful title pages in between specific slide groups, to be enjoyed on your DVD player and TV. Standard color and contrast improvements of every image is included.

Our photos and slides - to - DVD prices:

High Resolution .jpg or Tiff Files, Scanning for Computer Archiving:

$30 set-up and digital mastering fee, and $1.75 per photo print or negatives of all formats. 35mm slides are .99 cents per slide. Photo CD/DVD or file image transfer to your USB device is included with printed labeling. Advanced image retouching and new USB flash drives available optionally.

Photomontages on DVD Video:

$30 set-up and digital mastering fee, and $1.75 per photo, .99 cents per digital image and $1.75 per title graphic page. Music adding and editing, scene transitions between photos, opening / closing title pages and the Master DVD album professionally printed and packaged - are all included.

Slides (35mm) on DVD Video as a Slide Show:

$30 set-up and digital mastering fee, and .99 cents per slide. Slides can be left in the slide trays or carousels, or can be placed loose in small boxes. Slides should be organized in the desired order and numbered with a pencil. Background music can be added at $15 per hour of video viewing time. Viewing rate is approximately ten slides per minute or ten minutes per one hundred slides. A custom DVD menu will be included to help you to easily choose and access slide groups organized by year or by subject. The DVD holds up to 1,200 slides, two hours of viewing.

DVD Duplicate copies:

$15.95 per copy DVD of any of the above. Discounts for 12 or more. Please call our studio for lower cost packaging and printing options.