Professional Video Editing in the Chippewa Valley, Videotaping and Video Production Services
Video Editing Services For Customer’s Videotapes or Camcorder Footage

Thomas Video Studio is a fully equipped HD, High Definition video production facility which professionally edits all formats of analog and digital video for businesses and families. From your own footage, we can help you to organize your scenes in assembling a finished video program complete with scene transitions, informational graphic pages, narrative or music soundtrack adding/editing, and video enhancements and optional special effects. A custom designed and authored DVD with chapter menu is included. Put our 30 years of award winning video production skills to work for you on your next personal or business video project.

Our complimentary planning session will give you all the information you will need to prepare your video materials for us to edit. A second appointment to go over your videos and instructions is also at no charge. If you prefer, depending upon the type of video project being made, you may choose to schedule an appointment to join us in our digital edit bay to oversee the editing as we work together to build your new video.

Family Video Projects - Our most popular types of services:

  • Sports Highlights - Scholarship or Resume Videos:
    For Junior and Senior High School Athletes to submit to future college coaches in securing a position and/or scholarship in Men’s or Women’s team sports; Track & Field, Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball and others. We work with athletic department’s video submission criteria and can help your “athletic abilities video” to stand out from the “pack”.
  • Stage and musical performances, Instrumental and vocal
  • Church and school events and projects
  • Family reunions, family histories and other personal special occasions
  • Memorial tributes - military and civilian
  • Figure skating and dance recitals
  • Legal and insurance issues

Business and Industry Video Editing:

  • Promotional, Marketing, Educational, Instructional, Safety and Training Video
  • Manufacturing, Construction, Demonstration, Real Estate, Retail Products & Services
  • Law Enforcement and Law Firm - Video Evidence and Video Presentations

Professional Videotaping for Business and Personal Events:

  • Business seminars, educational and informational forums, special events & promotions, inservice and employee training sessions
  • In-Studio and On-Location videotaping, lighting and audio services for businesses.

Video production services for the Web:

  • We can produce high quality uploadable video files for your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or other video sharing sites from your own videos from any format off of any video device at our regular service rates.
  • Full HD location video recording is available from our studio in creating a video message, product demo or other subject matter for your website. Please call or email our studio for further information and pricing. Our web video services prices are affordable and very competitive!

Professional Video Production - Building an effective presentation for your company

We are experienced in working with business owners, marketing & advertising departments, sales departments, human resource and community development offices, and company education and training divisions in producing video presentations specifically designed for your company’s needs.

We can assist you with your script ideas or provide you with complete script writing services. We will assist you in scheduling on-location videotaping of people, processes, products and demonstrations that are needed for the elements of the script.

From the “first review draft” to the finished video on DVD, we will post-produce a polished presentation that meets or exceeds the expectations and needs of our clients.

For over three decades of professional video services for business and industry, Thomas Video Studio’s video presentations have greatly assisted area companies with promoting and selling of products and services, and have created cost effective internal video presentations for employee safety, training and education.

Please call our studio for a complimentary consultation and sampling of our business and corporate DVD presentations. (As we must respect and protect every client’s proprietary, patented technologies, manufacturing procedures and other confidential material, we are permitted to show you our professional video work, but are not allowed to hand out our client’s presentations for our own promotional uses. This is a professional requirement and expectation of our valued clients that we abide by.)

Editing, Videotaping, Post Production Services and Rates:

  • Our service rates are based on time and materials, not on an arbitrary “per finished minute” basis. We believe this is a more reasonable, accurate and understandable method of offering a competitive estimate of costs to our clients.
  • Videotaping; In-Studio or On-Location: $125 per hour per cameraman. Most applications are one camera. Large events or multiple shooting locations have the option for two or three cameras.
  • Editing and Post Production Services: $95 per hour. For family clientele, we will offer you a prompt free estimate of our editing work time based upon your written instructions and consultation with us.
    Post production service costs for our business clientele is included as a part our total project estimate.

All video, audio and lighting equipment is included with our videotaping services. Camera Masters, Camera Footage Review Copies, and Final Master Video are all included. Our travel is at no charge up to 30 miles per day. Our hourly site time rate will apply after 30 miles, until our return to the studio.