Videotape-to-DVD Preservation and Duplicating, All Camcorder Tape Formats, DVD & CD Multiple Disc Duplicating, Printing & Packaging, Videotape Copying & Editing - All Formats Old & New

Thomas Video Studio's DVD creating services are the finest professional quality and best value you'll find anywhere in Western Wisconsin. This is our promise.

Here are the six important advantages we offer your family or business in the professional care and handling of preserving your videotapes-onto-DVD:

  1. We are experienced professionals.

    Our DVD work and our DVD products are superior to photo stores, photocopy centers and drug/department stores. For over 29 years our focus and our specialty has been in professional video. Our DVD making is not a recent, low quality add-on service like it is for the photo finishing stores or department stores. Our many years of training and experience provides our customers with only the very best DVD products and services available in our community. We were the very first video professionals to offer DVD services when they came onto the market, and we are still the best today.

  2. Our professional DVD services are performed in house with Same Day, Next Day service!

    We do our own professional work and can have your new DVD ready usually same day, a little longer on larger video collections. Why risk your valuable videotapes to a place that ships them out to a third party? Because we are video specialists, we have the technologies available to efficiently duplicate your video tapes usually same day or following day, right here in our Eau Claire Studio. "Extended Play" tapes or multiple tape collections will take a little longer, but with a reasonable turnaround time. We can duplicate all consumer analog and digital formats, from Betamax to MiniDV and everything in between.

  3. We use professional/industrial equipment with “Video Stabilization”.

    We use extraordinary care in the making of your DVD to ensure highest picture quality and best compatibility with most DVD players. Anyone can burn a DVD on a home computer, but that isn't professional quality and it comes with disc incompatibility issues and playback problems with other people's computers or DVD players.
    Thomas Video Studio uses industrial VCRs, applies TBC or Tape Stabilization technologies to improve the picture quality while duplicating to DVD, and uses the most professional and compatible DVD process to ensure excellent picture quality and greater playback compatibility.

  4. We use only professional grade DVD media.

    The use of professional grade DVD discs is a very important part of our professional service to you. High quality and long disc life are the rule! None of the retail stores choose to offer this to their customers because their priority is "profit" and not high quality. It has been our experience that using professional grade DVD media is the single most important part of the whole DVD making process. Professional grade DVD discs play more reliably, are more durable and will last longer. It also gives us the ability to professionally print your own personal information onto these special discs.

  5. Our family will be professionally serving your family.

    As business owners and video professionals, we will work with you personally! You will be greeted by the owners of the studio, who will be the same professional technicians working with you offering you the most knowledgeable, friendly, helpful customer service with our assurances of reliability and confidentiality always.

  6. We will not be undersold!

    Thomas Video Studio's price will be the lowest price you'll find, while offering significantly better, more professional DVD products and services to you! We offer the absolute most professional DVD products and services at the most reasonable and competitive prices you'll find in our community!
    We never want to loose a customer because of a lower price elsewhere. Thomas Video Studio will match any advertised price for similar DVD services while providing a superior, more professionally made DVD.

Videotape-to-DVD Services and Prices:

  • Professional duplication of all home video formats to DVD:
    Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8, MiniDV, DVCAM, Flash Memory, SD Video cards, Hard Disc Camcorders
  • 24.95 for each master DVD, up to two hours capacity. Shorter length tapes can be combined to fill a DVD at no additional charge. Extended Play tapes over two hours may require more than one DVD to duplicate.
  • $15.95 per duplicate copy DVD made from the master DVD. Discounts for 12 or more. Please call our studio for multiple copy packaging and pricing options.

Our professional DVDs include tape stabilization processing to improve analog picture quality, basic informational menu about one or more tape titles with individual access buttons, personalized printing of your choice for DVD album cover design and for DVD disc printing. * Please call our studio for prices on other, lower cost packaging and printing options, or for non printed or packaged DVD discs.

Large quantity videotape collections over twenty hours, please call our studio for discount rates, packaging and pricing options, to help you to economically preserve an entire tape library of family memories, educational or business presentations.

Please know that videotapes, both analog and digital, are made of magnetic tape material and do not last very long. At 20 to 30 years old, videotapes will demagnetize and begin to loose their ability to be properly tracked and played again. This is why it is important to duplicate videotapes to DVD as soon as possible. We have been in business since the first days of consumer video and we are finding that some VHS and VHS-C videotapes from the 1980s and early 1990s are already beginning to demagnetize and have degraded to the point where the picture playback is unstable and sound reproduction very poor. The 8mm formats of Video 8 and Hi-8 from that same time period are just now showing their age as well. The sooner these valuable memories are preserved to DVD, the better! Don't wait!

DVD or CD disc-to-disc Duplication:

We offer professional disc duplication services for DVD and CD audio, DVD and CD photo or data discs. From just one copy to several hundred copies, quickly, all in-house. Please call our studio for current market rates, printing and packaging options, and turnaround time.

Videotape Copying and Editing Services:

We can copy FROM any tape format TO any tape format, and can edit any tape format to fit your needs. Please contact our studio for our tape duplicating and editing rates.

International Video Standards:

We can convert your PAL or SECAM international videotapes to our USA - NTSC standard, and can convert your international DVDs of all Region Codes to our USA Region Code #1. Please contact our studio for our international video conversion rates.